Wings of Appreciation  (WOA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing flights in private aircraft to wounded or hospitalized men and women who have or are serving our country in the armed forces.  The purpose of the flight is to show those who have served that their commitment to our country is appreciated.

WOA has events all across the United States.  A typical event will take a group from the hospital to a local airport, place them in private aircraft, and fly to a designated destination.  Many of the events will also provide lunch for the participants.  The pilots will then fly back to the airport of origination, and participants will return to their facility.

Flights are typically under an hour each way from takeoff to touchdown.  All pilots are FAA certified, have appropriate insurance and flight experience.  Under no circumstances will flights be conducted if weather is not clear or there is forecasted turbulence for the planned flights.

WOA uses an event leader to coordinate pilot, ground control, and food related activities.  We work closely with the medical facility coordinator to identify appropriate participants and facilitate the event, including transportation to/from a local airport.